My name is Britney Lozza. I have the following qualities:

  • I’m a licensed paralegal and technology expert.
  • I enjoy video games, my favourite is the Mass Effect series and Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.
  • I run Linux instead of Windows or MacOS. This is expert level stuff.
  • I’m transgender, male to female.
  • I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and I’m a savant.
  • I write code in markdown which is a programming language for outputting documents.

What else do you need?

My story

After a long career of 15 years working with computers, I transitioned from male to female. During my transition I experienced a lot of hate and ridicule. As a result, I became interested in law. I’m a natural at it. I’ve successfully negotiated settlements from numerous respondents via the HRTO. I’ve won an OLRB case as well. Details can be found in my CV.

Another Labour Board Decision Finds “Independent Contractor” Actually Employee

My Code

Coded Legal Precedent Letters

  • Uses markdown and pandoc to generate legal precent letters through markdown code.
  • This is genius level stuff, requires Linux and programming skills.

Fedora Secure Workstation

  • Scripts that make it easier to lock down and secure a linux based Fedora Workstation.